The Rural Geography Specialty Group (RGSG) promotes research and education related to agriculture, rural development, and rural land use. To fulfill this mission, we: plan sessions for professional meetings, facilitate teaching and research of rural geography issues worldwide, publicize information about the role of geographers engaged in rural research, and promote interaction with organizations with similar interests, such as the IGU Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems. Link to more information about the Specialty Group on the Association of American Geographer’s web site.

Revised bylaws of the group can be found HERE.


Regular: $8
Student: $2

Officers/Board of directors

Here are the current officers and board of directors for the RGSG. Please contact them for additional information regarding the group.


Christopher R. Laingen (until 2020)
Eastern Illinois University
email: crlaingen – at- eiu.edu


To be filled in Spring 2019


Dawn Drake (until 2021)
Missouri Western University
email: ddrake4 -at- missouriwestern.edu

Regional Directors

At-Large: Allison Brown (until 2021)
email: broccoli1313 -at- yahoo.com

Pacific Coast Division: Lisa Harrington (until 2021)
email: lbutlerh -at- k-state.edu

Southwest Division: VACANT

Southeast Division: Larry Kleitches (until 2019)
K-12 Educator, The Learning Lamp, Cambria County, PA
email: lpkleitches -at- gmail.com

East Lakes Division: VACANT

West Lakes Division: Innisfree McKinnon (until 2021)
University of Wisconsin, Stout
email: mckinnoni -at- uwstout.edu

Canadian Division: Lisa Powell (until 2019)
University of British Columbia
email: lisa.powell-at-ubc.ca

Great Plains Rocky Mountain Division: Audrey Joslin (until 2020)
Kansas State University
email: ajoslin -at- k-state.edu

Middle States Division:  Bill Wetherholt (until 2019)
Frostburg State University
email: wawetherholt-at-frostburg.edu

Directors – Graduate Student Representatives

Avantika Ramekar (until 2019)
Kansas State University
email: avantika -at- k-state.edu

Andrew Husa (until 2020)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
email: husa.15 -at- hotmail.com

COMMITTEES – All members are welcome! Contact the chair if you want to get involved.

Awards Committee – Cheryl Morse (Chair): cheryl.morse -at- uvm.edu

Communications Committee – Lisa Powell (Chair): lisa.powell – at – ubc.ca

Meeting Committee

Networking Committee – Larry Kleitches (Chair): lpkleitches -at- gmail.com


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