AAG Tampa CFP: Rural Sustainability

AAG to feature theme on Scale and Sustainability
“Scale and Sustainability” is among the emerging themes being developed for the AAG Annual Meeting in April. This track of sessions will consider how scale matters for sustainability and at what scale sustainability should be examined. In these sessions, the queries are extended to all of sustainable development — the linking of environment and development to enhance human well-being while preserving the life support systems of the planet.


Sustainability is an important concern for a multitude of reasons and at many scales.  Applications of the concept to social-ecological systems (SES) and system components carry through on Geography’s longstanding human-environment tradition, and relate to a number of perspectives.  Rural areas, like the rest of the planet, are undergoing changes and stress in environmental, social, and economic dimensions.  Rural areas also are sources for most natural resources supporting SESs of various types, and are refugia, in a sense, for conservation of less (human-) modified conditions.

In recognition of the importance of rural areas and the many dimensions of change and sustainability concerns, a series of sessions is being organized under the broad them, “Perspectives on Rural Sustainability:  Scale and Place.”  Perspectives may include, but certainly are not limited to, scale issues (spatial and/or temporal); rural connections with urban locations; focus on various dimensions of sustainability; issues of sustainability and development; policy and political concerns; ecosystem services; environmental footprints; or hazards, risk, and sustainability.  Cosponsoring specialty groups include Human Dimensions of Global Change; Rural Geography; Hazards, Risks, and Disasters; Landscape, and Cultural and Political Ecology SGs.  (The meeting website only allows 3 SG co-sponsors/session, so I’ll be listing various co-sponsors per session.)

Please contact Lisa Harrington (lbutlerh@k-state.edu) with interests, including potential paper title and/or panel topic.  (Please also contact her if interested in non-rural paper or panel content oriented around scale and sustainability.)  Contact as soon as possible for best opportunities, please.

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