AAG 2011 CFP: Rural Europe – A Promised Land for 65+?

This is a call for papers that would fit in discussion on the potentials of rural Europe to serve as the home for people over 65. There have been new issues and processes emerging in rural areas: in-migration of those over 65 (including international migration flows of the elderly), active oldness, prolonged mobility, various forms of old-age provision systems etc. Perhaps you could enlighten some dilemmas by addressing following questions:

–          Is institutionalization of elderly still a priority, or have there been other developments across rural Europe?

–          To what extent are development models in rural localities designed to meet the needs and expectations of those over 65?

–          Is Europe facing rural poverty that might especially endanger those over 65?

–          Are there evident processes of gentrification and social exclusion of the elderly in rural areas?

The realization is growing that if highly developed societies are to deal successfully with their aging populations, the elderly must be considered not just “as a problem, but also as a development potential,” especially so in rural localities. We seek papers that explore these and related issues that contribute to modeling of age-friendly rural communities.

Contact: Irma Potočnik Slavič, Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; e-mail: irma.potocnik@ff.uni-lj.si

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